BABC Midlands is a chapter of the New York headquartered British-American Business Council, the leading transatlantic networking organisation. The BABC Midlands is committed to promoting transatlantic trade and investment among our international group of businesses.

BABC membership provides direct access to business leaders throughout North America and the UK. Other membership benefits include business intelligence, networking events, policy updates, member perks, and marketing opportunities.

The BABC Midlands was founded in 1996 by a group of Midlands based professionals and remains a strong group of businesses, corporations, and SMEs engaged in transatlantic ventures. The US is the Midlands’ number one foreign direct investor so the BABC in the Midlands is an important organisation for our region. BABC Midlands became a part of the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Group in April 2010. Our close relationship with the Chamber has encouraged our membership to grow from strength to strength, bringing additional benefits to joining the BABC in the Midlands.

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